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FrontPage Magazine

The Turkey-Russia-Iran Axis
FrontPage Magazine
When the coup plotters got wind of the Russian communications with Erdogan loyalists at the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), they moved up the coup from the dead of night to 9 PM, when the streets were packed. For Erdogan, the Russian warning ...

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Electronics now a key part of fishing
Detroit Lakes Online
The ability to leave a plotter trail is extremely helpful in being able to stay on your location, repeat your path, or find your way back to the dock. You can leave an electronic marker (waypoint) that can mark hazards or fishing spots. An electronic ...

The Equation: Blog of the Union of Concerned Scientists (blog)

Climate Change and the Future of Oregon Forests
The Equation: Blog of the Union of Concerned Scientists (blog)
Roads are often regarded as a net detriment to forest health; however, they also facilitate fire suppression by enabling people and equipment to quickly access a fire. .... There is a convenient, interactive chart-plotter on line, called "wood for ...


Fish This!: The value of a secret
He set it down next to his electronic chart plotter a piece of equipment costing thousands of dollars that can pinpoint and store endless quantities of fishing spots. I asked him why he didn't keep this particular secret spot hidden in his chart ...

Daily Mail

How 'bunny boiler' killer faked a story she had been kidnapped when she was just 13
Daily Mail
When Sarah Williams first crossed paths with the police, it was as an apparently innocent victim, not a murderess. Aged just 13, she was spotted in a distressed state by a lorry driver close to the M6 in Cheshire. The blonde teenager told police she ...

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Navy Officer Filmed in Iran Detention Faces Punishment
... had recently failed navigation tests, did not have enough sleep and were using boats with broken equipment such as radios. The nine male sailors and one female sailor aboard the boats were detained overnight and interrogated by their Iranians captors.

Foreign Policy (blog)

SitRep: Was An Iconic UN Chief Assassinated?; Top US General in Turkey
Foreign Policy (blog)
And despite protests in front of the U.S. Embassy where demonstrators held signs saying Get Out Coup Plotter Dunford, Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said things went pretty well. The tone in all three meetings was ...

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